The Mall of Africa in SeaTac WA opened its doors in the wake of the Covid 19 Pandemic. The idea of opening a community Mall was innovated after the doors of East African Small businesses were closed in Tukwila and SeaTac area by gentrification. The loss of these businesses denied the community living in that region the international test and flavor they had through those businesses. The act also pushed out low-income businessmen and women out of the market, hence Shutting down their businesses. It mostly affected the low-income single moms.

The Mall of Africa can hence be defined as a solution to our region. Despite all challenges and turn aways, the mall is up and running. Mall of Africa not only brings the international flavor back and gave chance to re-open closed businesses, but also welcomes entire Washingtonians to come shop and also sell their Merchandise here too. Of late we have seen customers and prospect businesses from nearby regions like northern Oregon e.g., Portland and Vancouver BC region; please feel welcomed always to our mall.

The Mall of Africa is under way talk to expand its space to accommodate more businesses and serve our community better.

  • At the mall, friends mingle amid bustling stores.
  • Discover trendy shops offering fashion and more.
  • Local eateries serve delicious meals at the mall.
  • Retail therapy awaits with endless choices.


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